Get Help Working Past Your Fears

Get Help Working Past Your Fears

We provide anxiety therapy in Jackson, MI

Most people experience worry when dealing with a problem at work or at home. You probably feel nervous before speaking in front of a crowd. But when the anxiety doesn’t go away over time, your emotions can hinder your ability to complete ordinary tasks. Mitchell S. Weisbrod, Psy.D., PLLC & Associates offers anxiety therapy to help you work through the emotional stress you’re dealing with. This could include general anxiety, social anxiety or panic attacks.

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5 signs you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder

Worrying is normal, but not when your concerns start to weigh on your daily life. You may be dealing with an anxiety disorder if:

  • You have trouble falling sleep
  • You suffer from panic attacks
  • You exhibit compulsive behaviors
  • You’re constantly battling self-doubt and second-guessing your decisions
  • You worry too much about everyday tasks

We will help you confront your fears in a controlled environment. We can treat your disorder and help you find comfort in fearful situations. Contact Mitchell S. Weisbrod, Psy.D., PLLC & Associates today to begin anxiety therapy in the Jackson, MI area.