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Do you suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, postpartum depression or another distressing mental ailment? Visit Mitchell S. Weisbrod, Psy.D., PLLC & Associates for effective help in Jackson, MI.

Psychological Testing

What’s on your mind? If you don’t know where to start when seeking mental health care, visit our clinic for a general mental health screening. We can then conduct follow-up tests to identify the problem.


Let us treat your mental condition with psychological means instead of employing medical methods. You can lead a happier life with behavioral changes and psychotherapy. Call our Jackson, MI clinic today.

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You don’t have to wait to get the mental health help you need. Call Mitchell S. Weisbrod, Psy.D., PLLC & Associates at 517-544-7700, or click here to be redirected to our contact form.

You Deserve to Feel at Peace

Get psychological testing at our Jackson, MI clinic

Do you feel like nothing can end the war within your mind? You don’t have to be troubled by your own thoughts anymore. Get the effective treatment you need when you visit Mitchell S. Weisbrod, Psy.D., PLLC & Associates, a psychotherapist in Jackson, Michigan.

How does psychotherapy work? When you’re ready to take the first steps toward improved mental health, set up an appointment with our psychotherapist and you’ll:

Call us at 517-544-7700 to schedule your initial consultation.

We’ll work closely with your general physician

You deserve comprehensive health care with an open line of communication. That’s why Mitchell S. Weisbrod, Psy.D., PLLC & Associates works closely with your family physician and other doctors to make sure you’re getting the treatment you require.

We offer behavioral & mental health services such as:
  • Anxiety Therapy
  • Bipolar Therapy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression Therapy
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Therapy
  • Postpartm Depression Therapy 
  • & more

Call our Jackson, MI psychotherapist to get started

Begin your journey toward a happier life when you set up an appointment with Mitchell S. Weisbrod, Psy.D., PLLC & Associates. Call us today at 517-544-7700 or fill out the contact form to learn more.

"No fancy signs, no silly slogans or tag lines, just effective treatment..." – Dr. Mitchell S. Weisbrod


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